What is USDO?

USDO is a special coin that is backed by collateralized stablecoins carefully audited by proven auditing companies.

The collateral comes from:

  1. Part of the fees from transactions on MiaSwap will be converted to a stablecoin and deposited into the collateral to back USDO. This deposit does not put new USDO in circulation.

  2. Users deposit collateral at the market rate in order to mint new USDO.

So what makes USDO different from other stablecoins out there?

  • USDO is not pegged but backed by collateralized stablecoins that have been selected and audited by proven auditing companies.

  • With a unique mechanism, USDO's price can't go lower than its collateralized stablecoins

  • Everyone can mint and redeem USDO at any time.

  • USDO holds value down to the last holder even when everyone sells out.

  • The value of USDO can increase faster after a massive dump.

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