It’s really hard to find a crypto that has the stability of a stablecoin and is possible to appreciate in value over time like a normal token.

USDO is only available on ONUS Chain; as such users who want to buy or withdraw the value in USDO must be on-chain.

Not everyone will have BUSD when buying USDO and will likely use MiaSwap to swap to BUSD before minting into USDO, similarly not everyone will want to redeem their USDO to BUSD and will likely swap to their coin of choice. All these meant additional transaction volume for MiaSwap and in turn more benefits for USDO.

Redeeming generates fees to buy back and burn MIA and ONUS and increases the collateral for USDO.

Network effects, the more users, partners, and businesses transact on-chain, the more value everyone gains.

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