Usages of USDO

Retail Investors

USDO gives ONUS Chain users a way to store their profits without moving the funds out of the chain. Because it is backed by BUSD and other stablecoins that don't appreciate in value, USDO grants everyone a choice of storing their profits:

  • In a coin that stays at $1 OR

  • Storing in a coin that can possibly appreciate in value, where the value is still backed by the coins that stay at $1.

P2E NFT Games

All P2E projects can buy USDO when the game first starts and rewards players with the same USDO but at a possibly higher value in the future.

The more successful the game is, the more transactions there will be, and in turn, the more valuable the rewards are. All this without increasing the cost of the project for the game operators.

Blockchain Businesses

These businesses can charge in USD value and accept USDO.

  • This reduces their risk of selecting a volatile coin to accept for payment.

  • Their revenue can grow in value steadily as more customers and other businesses use USDO.

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